Conference Interpretations

Conference Interpretaions

Conference Interpretation

Conference interpretation is one of our most requested forms of face-to-face interpretation across every sector, allowing attendees at large events to understand each other and any featured speakers.
Aslan Language Service team of conference interpreters offer both main forms of face-to-face interpreting: simultaneous interpretation, where the interpreter will translate what is being said at the same time as the speaker who they are translating, and consecutive interpretation, where the interpreter waits until the speaker pauses before they translate.
In most circumstances, a simultaneous interpreter will sit in a soundproof booth in sight of the source-language speaker, linked to the listeners via headsets. This is a non-intrusive, highly technical interpretation service, requiring the highest standards of professionalism and accuracy. We only choose the most experienced and highly qualified linguists from our network for conference interpreting, and the use of at least two interpreters is necessary to ensure that this extremely technical task is carried out flawlessly.
Conference interpreters use a mix of different interpretation styles on the job. As per their employer’s requirements, they will switch between the simultaneous and consecutive styles of interpretation throughout the assignment. For instance, when someone is delivering a speech or a group is debating an issue, the interpreter will use the simultaneous style. When their employer wishes to communicate with a person who does not speak a common language, they will switch over to interpreting consecutively.

What Sets Conference Interpreters Apart?

Due to the diverse skills required of a conference interpreter, it’s clear that they have a harder job to do than many other interpreters who offer their services in simultaneous or consecutive styles.
Consecutive interpreters often operate in environments where stakes are high, and tensions are soaring. To do the job effectively, they need to exhibit extreme psychological resiliency, too. No matter the environmental stress surrounding them, they need to keep calm and collected and facilitate communication impartially. Plus, conference interpreters must be unafraid of interpreting for large audiences amid a diverse array of conference types.
Quick thinking and rapid problem solving is also a vital quality of good consecutive interpreters. As they might need to offer simultaneous services any time on the job, they need to have a fast thought process. An interpreter who is slow to react would not be able to do this job well.

Where Can You Find Good Conference Interpreters?

Finding a capable and trust-worthy conference interpreter may seem like a difficult task. However, the reality is that it’s quite simple. You just must know where to look.
If you’re looking for a good conference interpreter, choose Aslan Language Services to provide one for you. Aslan Language Services employs an extensive team of experienced and certified translators and interpreters that numbers over two thousand and five hundred! That’s how we can offer certified interpretation services in over 163 languages spoken around the world.
Our industry-specific teams of translators include experts in the fields of finance, legal, life sciences, health care, government, entertainment, marketing, and manufacturing industries, among many others. No matter the field your requirement falls in, Aslan Language Services delivers a translator that is perfect for the job.