Official Document Translation Services

Document Translation Services

We are a member of the American Translator Association. Our translators hold certifications of different translation associations like ATA, ITI, NAJIT and many other organizations in Europe. We provide certified and notarized translations accepted by the USCIS, governments, consulates, embassies, universities and all kind of businesses and organizations around the world. Our highly skilled, professional translators are qualified, bilingual native speakers. They are selected based on their experience and special areas of expertise.

We have translated thousands of documents for clients who need their immigration, legal, marriage, birth certificate and other personal certificates and documents translated for Citizenship and Immigration Services, as well as for drivers’ licenses, legal and work-related purposes. We also translate school transcripts, employment contracts, passports, adoption papers and all kinds of business documents.

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Let Our Experts Solve All Your Translation Needs

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Your translation projects aren’t limited to one language, channel, or timeline. Get the expertise you need to communicate clearly at any scale and transform your language challenges into opportunities—with creative solutions that improve efficiency and foster meaningful relationships. 

Expert Linguists

Our 2,500+ expert linguists provide high-quality, high-touch translations customized for your intended use and audience. They also put every project through rigorous translation, copyediting, and proofreading to ensure the final deliverable exceeds your standards

Translate Any Type of Content in 163 Languages.

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Certified Translations

Every translator, editor and proofreader are thoroughly trained not just to translate words, but to observe the linguistic, social, cultural, and technical context in every translation.

From our extensive pool of highly professional and experienced linguists, we carefully select those foreign language specialists best suited for your project. In every project, our translators deliver an accurate and faithful rendition of the original text. Each translation is meticulously reviewed by several professional translators, editors, and proofreaders.

Why We Are Your Best Option For Translation

Quality and innovation

We are proud of our staff’s knowledge and experience; however, we ensure innovation is always an important component in our projects. We blend experience and new tendencies for all industries, making sure that your style reflects a professional and updated message for a fast-evolving digital world.

Project management and team work

Even if you could find the best translator for your project, you may be missing out on quality and multiple resources by not having a specialized team working alongside, that will bring a better approach, team work, innovative and powerful solutions to your needs. We also have multiple high-quality translators for each job that will always be available for your special projects.


Companies that work with Aslan Language Services get discounts based on volume of work, or by having a contract for our services as the preferred supplier. We also have several packages that may help you reduce costs. From the get go, Aslan Language Services cares about providing excellent service at the lowest possible rate.

Cross-Functional Teams for Translation and Communications

The advantage of working with Aslan Language Services is that we have experience working with other professionals beyond translation, localization, and language content. We often work with graphic designers, lawyers, marketers, videographers, multimedia professionals, and more. No matter what you require, if it is related to communications, multilingual and multicultural markets, we have the solution for you. You won’t have to shop around and work independently with different professionals or agencies that specialize in each one of these trades. When you work separately with different professionals in different agencies, each one will understand your project in a different way, creating challenges to align your project into one core concept. Having one project manager for all your needs will help you find a faster and cost-effective solution for your content needs.