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At Aslan Language Services, we believe that language shouldn’t be a barrier to growth and globalization. Our interpretation services cover one-to-one solutions as well as large conferences. Whether it’s pre-recorded media or a live session, our expert linguists ensure convenience and accuracy in 163 languages to help you meet your objectives.

We also pair you up with subject matter experts who are more experienced in translating content in your industry. Accuracy and professionalism are what we strive for, and when it comes to professional interpretation we only settle for the very best.


Consecutive interpretation has a wider demand than simultaneous interpretation services. Here the speaker pauses at regular intervals to allow the interpreter to translate what has been said. This type of interpretation is mainly used in one-on-one meetings or small group settings where listeners of the original language and target language listen to the same feed or where the speaker doesn’t have a pre-written script.


Simultaneous interpretation services require the translator to translate while the original speaker is speaking. There are no pauses in conversation. This type of interpretation is suited for occasions where listening to the original voice or language adds no value to the listeners or where the script of the original speaker is already written. This is mostly used for events where multiple languages are interpreted at the same time or for pre-scripted broadcasts.


Whispered interpretation, in essence, is a form of simultaneous interpretation. The interpreter whispers the translation into the ear of one or two meeting participants, rather than working from a soundproof booth via earphones.