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On-Site Interpretations

On-Site Interpretation

On-site interpreting means that the interpreter is with you on site. The interpreter’s task is to interpret everything that is being said as if it were the speaker himself who said it. The interpreter’s role is to be an unnoticed filter that is discreetly present and makes what is said understandable.
The interpreter is present on site and enables a conversation between two people who do not speak the same language. For on-site interpreting, the interpreter often needs to travel, and we are happy to help you coordinate the assignments so that they are done as effectively as possible for you as a customer.

Ensure Total Understanding in 163 Languages

In some situations, there’s no substitute for having a professional interpreter physically present. In-person interpretation provides a personal touch that can result in more nuanced communication in sensitive matters and enhance customer, patient, or constituent satisfaction and face-to-face interaction. 
Get the assistance you need by working with Aslan Language Services. Your employees can take advantage of 2,500+ interpreters fluent in more than 163 languages. We’re also the only provider that can meet in-person interpreting around U.S.
Here at Aslan Language Services, we’re committed to helping you plan all your conferences, webinars, video chats, and more! Hosting such events often requires a well-trained group of interpreters, ready to tackle down any language barriers.
Our In-person or Remote Virtual Interpreting team is just the right fit for you – a skilled group of interpreters will help you remotely translate any conversation you require. Whether you seek on-site or remote services, we offer the best virtual interpreting in the business.

Why Choose Aslan Translation Service’s On-Site Interpretation Service?

Some Conversations Should Take Place In-Person

Sometimes a more personal touch is needed when it comes to your interactions with your patients or customers. Some scenarios where on-site interpreters may be the most appropriate choice include:

⦁ Conversations with small children, patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia, and anyone else who may struggle to recognize a voice on the phone or a face on the screen is their interpreter.

⦁ Patients receiving sensitive news, such as a terminal diagnosis.

⦁ Conversations involving many participants where a remote interpreter may have difficulty tracking and relaying who is speaking.
On-site interpretation with Aslan Language Services is available in many cities across the US. Aslan Language Services will partner with you to determine your on-site needs and create a customized solution.
If on-site interpreters are not available in your area, Aslan Language Services can provide phone interpretation in over 163+ languages.