Interpretation Services

Aslan Interpretation Services in Over 70 Languages

Video Interpretation

Using our secure and encrypted network, TIN quickly connects you to a qualified interpreter from the convenience of your tablet, smartphone, or computer. With the simple switch you can choose between video or voice call options. Whether it’s for a medical emergency, a court proceeding or a business conference, TIN provides a clear, high-quality connection that will make you feel as if the interpreter is right there with you. While maintaining the flexibility of phone interpreting, Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) gains many of the advantages of face-to-face interactions. VRI provides a solution that includes visual and auditory interpretation. These services are offered anytime, anywhere, 24/7. 


Our company dedication

Our company dedication to quality at the lowest possible prices sets us apart in the industry. We thoroughly check each of our interpreters.
They must also be a native speaker or be accredited by either: